Recently, Osram Lighting Solutions presents the SIMPLITZ LED Floodlight series at their new product introduction road shows across APAC. Based on Osram’s industry-leading technology, SIMPLITZ products offer excellent energy savings, higher reliability, longer lifetime and professional lighting experience than traditional floodlights, and are ideal for façade, building illuminations, flood lighting, and area lighting, as well as billboard illumination.

(Image: Osram)

Osram’s recent breakthroughs in modernity design bring SIMPLITZ products a significant competitive advantage. Delivering up to 130 lm/w efficacy, the SIMPLITZ LED floodlight is specially designed to replace traditional 100W, 250W and 400W HID floodlights with better brightness and uniformity. The new LED floodlight enjoys a lifespan up to 50,000 hours & IP66 protection, which makes it particularly suitable for use in difficult-to-access locations such as façades and rooftop billboards. SIMPLITZ is also the lightest LED floodlight in its class, with weight comparable to traditional floodlighting.

“Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing markets for LED lighting, and Osram’s SIMPLITZ LED floodlight meets the needs of this dynamic region by providing a better experience for clients with outdoor lighting needs,” said George Ko, CEO of OSRAM Lighting Solutions, Asia Pacific. “With the new SIMPLITZ LED floodlight series, our customers will enjoy best-in-class energy efficiency and lighting performance, thus raising return on investment.”

Compared to traditional lights that use fragile filaments, SIMPLITZ products feature luminaires with slim, rugged aluminum alloy housing, which are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and will remain stable in diverse weather conditions.

“The special optical design promises smooth and consistent light, so advertisers and store owners can be assured that their messages shine brightly through the night, all year round,” continued Ko.

The SIMPLITZ LED Floodlight will soon be available across Asia Pacific region including China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.


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